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Bon Dance Season is Here!

In the Buddhist tradition, during the summer months, Japanese residents welcome back the spirits of departed loved ones at lively and festive dance events called o-bon (most in Hawaii shorten the word to bon). There are numerous o-bon dances at venues around the island of Hawaii set for this summer season between June and August.

In Japan, the summer o-bon festivals date back to more than 500 years. In Hawaii, Buddhist temples take turns hosting the festivals and these dances have become as much social affairs as religious observances. 

Everyone is welcome at the Hawaiian festivals, regardless of religious background or ethnicity making the temple festivals well-attended.

What can I expect to see at an o-bon festival? 

  • Dances that participants can engage in (called bon-odori). These generally involve people circling and dancing around a high wooden scaffold called a yagura (wooden musicians’ tower). Flutes and gongs may accompany singers and taiko drums.
  • A variety of foods for sale, including musubi (rice balls wrapped in dried seaweed), stir fried noodles, andagi (sweet fried dough), barbeque sticks, stew & rice, chirashi sushi, bentos, Spam musubis, shave ice cones and more.  
  • Some dressed in a yukata (summer cotton kimono) or a hapi coat.
  • Plenty of colorful chockin hanging lights. O-bon translates to “lantern festival” and the lanterns are believed to light the way for ancestral spirits, who are then greeted with offerings of flowers, food and incense.

Here is the Big Island O-Bon Festival Schedule ...



Mortgage Rates
U.S. averages as of May 27, 2010:

30 yr. fixed:   4.78%
15 yr. fixed:   4.21%
1 yr. adj:        3.95%


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Featured Listing

Alae Point Classic

Mid-century modern single level home with spectacular in-ground pool in a highly-desired Hilo neighborhood. Steps away from Honolii swimming & surfing beach park, this home is immaculately kept and ready for anyone who appreciates living the island lifestyle.

The exterior is landscaped with red ceiling wax palms, and a covered port cochere in the circular driveway. The pristine swimming pool is surrounded by an entertaining deck, with an island bar. An outdoor bathroom and shower open directly to the pool deck to minimize wet footprints in the house. This area is so inviting that you may find it hard to go inside!

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Hilo Brokers iPhone Real Estate Search Application
- By Kelly H. Moran

We’ve created a customized, FREE, iPhone application that allows you to search hawaii real estate from your iPhone.

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Hilo's Farmer's Market is a Must-See Experience While You're On the Big Island

Over 200 local farmers and crafters sell their produce, crafts, gift items and tropical flowers in a festive outdoor atmosphere that recalls back to the old "plantation" days of early Hilo.

Located at the corner of Mamo Street and Kamehameha Avenue in historic downtown Hilo, it's open all year round.

Big Days are:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday:
7:00am - 4:00pm

Wednesday and Saturday:
6:00am - 4:00pm

Need directions? Click here for a map!

The Hilo Farmers Market has a large variety of tropical fruits and vegetables grown right here in the Hawaiian Islands. There are several vendors with certified organic produce, too. The newest vendor is 7th Sister located inside the building.

The list of vendors is always changing, but here are some of the products you can find at the Market this month:

Jack Fruit - Longan - Mango - Papaya - Pineapple - Rambutan - Strawberries - White Pineapple

Baby Ginger - Bitter Melon - Bok Choy - Eggplant - Hydroponic Lettuce - Organic Spinach - Sweet Corn - Warabi

Flowers and Plants
Anthuriums - Bonsai Plants - Herbs - Orchids - Protea - Tropical Flowers

Specialty Food Items
Awa Juice/Powder/Root - Coconut Pastries - Fresh Fruit Popsicles - Jelly (Ohia, Lemon) - Peruvian Tamales - Portugese Bread - Local Seafood Delights including ahi, opihi, uhu, dried fish, fish sausage

Crafts and Gift Items
Beads - Bongo Drums - Clothing - Jewelry - Pareos - Puka Shell Anklets - T-shirts - Woodworks

Farmers Market Links of Interest:

In Season at the Farmers Market - Soursop!

This fruit is native to Mexico, Central America, and the countries that lie within the tropics. No need to go far to find this fruit. You can find them now and within the next 3 – 4 months at the Hilo Farmers Market.

The flavor is described as a combination of citrus with pineapple and strawberry and a touch of creamy flavor of coconut. The ever green tree is grown to about 15 feet tall. The fruit can weight up to 6 or 7 pounds.

The flesh of the fruit consists of an edible white pulp and the indigestible black seeds. The sweet pulp is great for eating fresh when soft and also good for making juice as well as candies, sorbets, and ice cream flavorings. According to the Wikipedia, this fruit is nutritionally high in carbohydrates, vitamin C, vitamin B1, and vitamin B2.


~ Hawaii Fast Fact ~

Hawaii doesn't participate in Daylight Savings Time.

So, for 1/2 the year, Hawaii is 2 hours behind California, and for the other 1/2 (like now, when it's Daylight Savings for most states) Hawaii is 3 hours behind California.

Wondering what time it is in Hilo right now?
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Appealing Your Property Tax Bill (and saving money)

  I f your property tax is aligned with or assessed based on the value of your home, a swing in property values could warrant close scrutiny of your property tax bill.

Some more progressive tax jurisdictions will make the adjustment for you -- up or down -- but most only move your rate up or they'll wait for the property to change hands before adjusting the tax.

Even where adjustments are automatic, you still may not be satisfied and will need to appeal the deal.

Over valued or over assessed property is perhaps the most common and successful grounds for challenging your tax bill.

When the economy is faltering and spawning foreclosures, short sales and homeowners otherwise bailing out of homeownership, consider it a red flag -- it's time to scrutinize your property tax bill.

Many homeowners bailout, accept the foreclosure or take the short sale way out because their mortgage is more than the value of the home, which may have fallen for a variety of reasons. The incidence of incorrectly calculated property tax bills may also warrant a close inspection of your property tax bill or an appeal.

The incidence of incorrectly calculated property tax bills may also warrant a close inspection of your property tax bill or an appeal.

Many errors in calculating your property tax bill also stem from clerical mistakes according to the American Homeowners Association (AHA) which, along with the National Taxpayers Union, offers a low-cost kit to help you check our property tax's accuracy and, if necessary, attempt to lower your levy.

Visit the Federation of Tax Administrators ( to pinpoint your property tax jurisdiction, records and procedures.

Tell-tale signs your property tax could warrant an adjustment include:

  • Errors in the description of your property on the tax bill.
  • Compatible homes in the area that have sold for less than your appraised value.
  • Neighbors with lower assessments on similar houses. Keep in mind some homes retain the same assessed value for years and assessed values often don't rise or fall in step with market values or home sale prices.


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Upcoming Island Calendar of Events

Dates: 6/5/10 - 8/28/10

Place: Around the Island of Hawaii
In the Buddhist tradition, during the summer months Japanese residents welcome back the spirits of departed loved ones at lively and festive dance events called o-bon. There are numerous o-bon dances at venues around the island of Hawaii set for this summer season in June, July and August.  Festival Schedule

Date: 6/12/10 - 07/26/10
Time: 9am - 5pm daily
Admission: Free (park entrance fees apply)
 Volcano Art Center Gallery in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Contact: 808-967-7565 or

Hawaii’s fragile ecosystem and the unique but typically imperiled plant and land/marine animals that comprise it are featured in this multi-media exhibit featuring the winners of this juried art contest.

Date: 6/25/10
Time: 7pm
Admission: Fee; see website
 Palace Theater, downtown Hilo
(808) 934-7010 or visit

Most people naturally think of the ukulele as an instrument for playing Hawaiian music, but in the right hands – like those of Benny Chong, Byron Yasui and Ben Kaili, who will perform in this concert – it shows it is also extremely versatile in the realm of jazz music.


Date: 7/9/10
Time: 9 and 10:30am
Admission: Free
 Meet at Volcano Art Center Gallery next to Park Visitor Center
(808) 934-8222 or visit  

Bring camera or binoculars for this easy hour-long stroll on the rim of Kilauea caldera in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park with renown wildlife biologist/photographer Jack Jeffrey. Jeffrey discusses the area’s ecology and geology and offers photo tips.



There are always special events happening in and around Hilo!  Here are a few ongoing Calendar of Events:


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