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Let Gary, the House Hunting gecko, find the perfect property for you:

  • Let Gary watch your favorite listings and alert you if they change.
  • Have Gary save your favorite search parameters for quicker searches.
  • Gary is free and easy to use!

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How Gary Gecko Works...
  • Listing Watch
    If you find a listing you are interested in, you can have Gary watch the listing for you. You can tell Gary to EMail you if the status of the listing changes. Any change to the listing, such as a price change, or change to the description, will alert you that the property has been modified.

    You can also tell Gary not to EMail you. Gary always remembers the listings you are watching and lets you quickly check them each time you visit the Hilo Brokers website.

  • Property Finder
    Too busy to visit Hilo Brokers every day to see what's new? Let Gary Gecko search new listings for you. If you select this feature, once a day Gary will search all of your Quick Search profiles. If new listings match they are EMailed to you to let you know that a new listing is available.

Get Started! It's Free...

To start using Gary Gecko simply fill out the following short profile and hit the Join button. Your EMail address will be used as your login for future visits:

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