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Kau District - Big Island of Hawaii

Kau is the largest district on the Big Island and is also the district that contains most of the Hawaii Volcano National Park. Even though the active vent is currently in Puna, most of the park itself lies within the boundaries of Kau.

Population: 5,607
Size miles: 922.3
Size acres: 590,272

Kau District Overview:

Kau has varied climate due to it's size. From the town of Volcano, at 3000 ft above sea level where it is cool and crisp and most everyone has fireplaces to warm the homes at night, to South Point, the southern most point in the US where rain falls only 35 days out of the year, Kau has seasons and weather for everyone.

Major Towns in Kau:

Places To Visit:

Major Subdivisions in Kau:

The following subdivisions are in the Kau District: